Heightened Outdoor Enjoyment

​Creative design adds scale and interest to a large patio area

Anchor Wall Highland Stone waterfall stairs on a concrete paving slab patio
Old wood deck before installation of Anchor Wall retaining walls
Anchor Wall concrete paving slab patio with Highland Stone waterfall stairs

Simple or complex, in the air or on the ground we understand how to create smooth plaza surfaces to achieve the durability and look you want.

An outdoors-loving family that enjoys frequent barbecues with neighbors had outgrown the small 10-foot by 10-foot, 16-year-old treated lumber deck that was deteriorating. Tearing the deck down gave the homeowners an opportunity to completely redesign the space for their lifestyle.

The Pennsylvanian homeowners worked with Zimmerman Landscape Services to design a spacious and open raised patio measuring 24 feet by 35 feet to provide ample space for entertaining. The project included concrete paving stones for the patio, which is supported by an Anchor Highland Stone® multiheight retaining wall system.

The home’s back door was located 6 feet from the ground elevation. Therefore, the installer recommended building the raised patio up 31/2 feet with the remaining 21/2 feet devoted to a waterfall of steps from the back door to the patio. For design continuity, the steps are constructed of the same Highland Stone retaining wall blocks used in the wall and the creative design adds scale and interest to the large patio area.

The raised patio was constructed with more than 80 tons of stone hauled in to build up the foundation. To eliminate the need for handrails, the contractor designed a 2-foot-deep flower bed between the paver patio and the retaining wall to keep guests away from the raised patio edge.

The project was completed in four days. The new raised patio is large enough to offer space for many activities. The homeowners’ grill is now housed in an island constructed of Highland Stone® units and features a convenient countertop. There’s a large area for dining and seating area on the opposite end of the patio.

Key Features

  • A spacious paver patio supported by the Highland Stone® wall system provides ample space for cooking, dining and relaxing
  • The contractor integrated the back door with the patio by designing a waterfall of steps
Anchor Wall Highland Stone waterfall stairs on a concrete paving slab patio