Anchor Mold & Tool Shop

One of the finest steel fabrication plants for molds and tooling parts in the country known for their durability and consistency. Our years of experience and knowledge in fabricating molds and tooling parts allow us to be innovative and provide excellent service for all major block machines including Besser, and Columbia.


Our capabilities and services include Mold production and rental, manufacturing with high-speed milling and CNC machinery, Splitter assemblies for wall and masonry products including Crunch® Technology, and shoes for standard molds and those that employ Sculpsit® block-molding technology 

 Our machine shop offers FULL SERVICE AND REPAIR MAINTENANCE with engineering services, welding, hydraulics, carbide cutting, 3-D CAD software services, heaters, blade sharpening, and mold repair, and our quick turnaround time reduces downtime at your manufacturing sites.