The ANCHOR Diamond® Difference

The new ANCHOR Diamond Wall Estimator automatically generates preliminary wall elevations, cross-sections, material quantity estimates, and reports, plus estimates Geogrid and Gravity Retaining Walls.

  • Estimates are based on NCMA 3rd Edition Guidelines
  • Estimates walls up to 12 feet, depending on product selection
  • Allows import of wall plan view image to assist layout
  • Allows for 3 different loading conditions, flat, 3:1 crest slope, and 250 psf live load surcharge
  • Output available in both imperial and SI units
  • Automatically generates wall elevation view, cross-sections, and material quantity estimate in a single report
  • For preliminary feasibility and costing only. Quantities are based on quantity estimating software, not by design software. Consult with a professional engineer for final designs and quantities.

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