Gravity Retaining Wall

A gravity wall is a retaining wall that does not use soil reinforcement. A gravity retaining wall has height limitations specific to each product. A gravity retaining wall design relies on the weight and setback of the block to resist the soil forces being exerted on the wall.

Geosynthetic-Reinforced Retaining Wall Design Option from Anchor Wall

Geosynthetic-Reinforced Retaining Wall

A geosynthetic-reinforced wall needs to be designed by a qualified engineer. With reinforced retaining walls there are (theoretically) no height limitations, they are used in larger applications, and they require more work area behind the structure. The block of soil is stabilized by introducing reinforcement layers into the soil mass behind the facing units. The larger the stabilized soil mass, the more soil can be retained or held back. The geosynthetic reinforcement in the soil extends past the theoretical failure plane and serves to create a large rectangular mass of block and soil, restraining the retained soil.

Anchorplex Retaining Wall System: Retaining Wall Design from Anchor Wall

Anchorplex™ Retaining Wall System

The Anchorplex Retaining Wall System is a reinforced retaining wall built with Anchor™ products and self-compacting structural retaining wall backfill that meets ANCHOR Diamond, Inc.'s specifications, and that is backed by engineering support tools developed by ANCHOR Diamond.

Anchor Wall Direct Anchorage System

Direct Anchorage System

A Direct Anchorage System is an installation method that connects earth anchors to retaining wall block that may be used where sufficient space for placement of geosynthetic reinforcement does not exist.