Private Residence

The renovated patio features a Highland Stone® freestanding wall system and a pergola surrounding a dining area

Key Features


Hampton, Virginia


Allied Concrete Products
Richmond, Virginia

Wall Design Engineer

Robert Nye
Renaissance Outdoor
Contracting, Inc.
Chesapeake, Virginia

Private Residence
Private Residence

The Challenge

The home, in Hampton, Virginia, presented a unique challenge in that the backyard borders directly on a waterfront. The homeowners wanted to update the original backyard, which included a dilapidated wooden deck and hot tub, to create a new space for cooking and entertaining while maximizing their view.

The Solution

Robert Nye, of Renaissance Outdoor Contracting, Inc. in Chesapeake, Virginia, designed the new landscape. Nye began the project by talking with the homeowners about what they envisioned for their renovated landscape. “We wanted to create something that felt ‘outdoorsy,’ but still had the contained feel of the original deck, which is how we arrived at the concept of creating the outdoor rooms,” Nye says. “Eventually, we designed two separate rooms with a small walkway between them, all using the Highland Stone® freestanding wall system.”

The project features a raised patio divided into two outdoor rooms, a large pergola, a water feature and a grill station. The Highland Stone 6" freestanding wall product proved to be the perfect choice for building the pergola columns as well as creating extra seating. “We built the freestanding wall at a height that was comfortable to sit down on,” Nye says. “It’s nice to be able to include more people around the dining area than just the six people who are sitting at the table.”

The second room provides a shaded area beneath an upstairs balcony, with additional space for patio seating and a direct view of the waterfront.

The Results

​When the project was completed, everyone was pleased. Creating an updated look with the Highland Stone freestanding wall system has thoroughly modernized the space, and the outdoor rooms have made the yard a place that brings the indoors outside.

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