Private Residence

​The new landscape creates a warm, inviting look and gives the home instant curb appeal

Key Features

Wall Area

​2,000 square feet


St. Paul, Minnesota


St. Paul, Minnesota

Wall Design Engineer

Tim Huinker

Wall Contractor


Private Residence Before
Private Residence After
Private Residence

The Challenge

This home in St. Paul, Minnesota, is located on a fairly small lot. When working on a design for the project, the homeowners wanted to maximize their small yard space while creating curb appeal for their home. The home has a side door to the right of the main door, and they wanted to create a larger, more welcoming walkway to the front door in order to let guests know which door to use when entering the house.

The Solution

Tim Huinker, ANCHOR DIAMOND construction specialist, took on the challenge of designing and installing the project, and he chose the Highland Stone® wall system to get the job done.

“We decided on a much wider and more welcoming front walk that sweeps open at the city sidewalk. This walkway narrows and flares off to the side of the home, clearly defining the front door as the main entrance. This flare allowed us to put a small radius into the wall, giving it a much softer and more appealing look."

On both sides of the steps, the contractor constructed an 18-inch high wall, extending to the property line, eliminating the slope in the front yard. At either end of each wall, he used column units to define the property corners, which created a more formal appearance, while visually maximizing the space of the yard.

The homeowners also wanted to include a courtyard patio space. While the small size of the yard and a large black walnut tree prevented Huinker from designing a true courtyard, he chose to run a Highland Stone 6"/3" freestanding wall along the service walk to provide a small gathering space with seating.

Huinker finished the project by adding pavers and lighting to the front walkway and service walk.

The Results

Updating the landscape of the home created an entirely new and welcoming look. The rich color and texture of Highland Stone products complement both the look of the home and the surrounding neighborhood, and give the yard the perfect blend of classic coziness and contemporary appeal.

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